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Hilde Vandermeeren (°1970) lives with her family in Torhout, Belgium. She studied psychology in Leuven en started her career teaching young adults. Her first children’s book, published in 2001, was the start of a writing career which led to over forty publications for young children and teens. More than 30 books were translated into Danish, German, Spanish, Korean, French and Chinese.

She was awarded several national and international prizes (Zilveren Griffel, 2005, The Netherlands; Vlag & Wimpel 2006 and 2013, The Netherlands; White Raven, 2007, International Children's Digital Library Foundation; Boekenwelp, 2007, Belgium).

In 2006 Hilde quit teaching and focussed on a full time career as a writer. She became chief editor of KITS, a newspaper for primary school children, published by De Eenhoorn.

In 2013 her debut novel was released. Als alles duister wordt is a psychological thriller, published by Q (department of Singel Uitgeverijen, the Netherlands). It was her first work for an adult public. Her next novel De toeschouwers was released in 2014. The third novel Stille grond (Silent Ground) is set in Scotland and was released in 2015. Movie rights of Stille grond  (Silent Ground) were sold to Eyeworks Belgium. Scorpio, her fourth crime novel, came out in 2016. Her fifth crime novel Schemerzone is set in London and was released in 2017.

Her short story The Lighthouse was published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine in 2016. The second short story Stranger in the Night was released in December 2016 in the same magazine. The Lighthouse was shortlisted for the Derringer Award 2017 Best Short Story. Both stories were translated by Josh Pachter.


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Press Quotations

**** VN Detective & Thrillergids 2017

**** Het Nieuwsblad

**** "She has, in any case, definitely left her mark on Flemish crime fiction."  Flanders Today. Interview in English can you read here: http://www.flanderstoday.eu/arts/hilde-vandermeeren-makes-her-mark-flemi...

***** Hebban.nl


Translation Grant

With support for the author from the Flemish Literature Fund: https://www.flandersliterature.be/grants/translation-grants


Press Quotations

**** Knack

**** HMC-kranten

"Scorpio is a skillfully composed crime novel with a beautiful international dimension. Vandermeeren is one of our major talents of crime writing." (De Standaard)

"Keeping tight control and avoiding literary niceties allow Vandermeeren in this fourth thriller to keep the reader on pins and needles till the end." (VN Thriller Guide)



After a weekend away with the family, 36 year old Gaelle wakes up in the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital in Berlin, Germany. She is wounded, but does not remember what happened. Her son Lukas is in a coma in another hospital. The police suspect her of attempting to murder her son. She manages to escape and is determined to uncover the truth.

Michael is an assassin employed by Scorpio, a relentless organisation. Going against its rules is signing your death warrant. Michael makes an irreversible decision that will change his life.

One survives by killing, another kills to survive. What if their paths should cross?


Translation Grant

With support for the author from the Flemish Literature Fund: https://www.flandersliterature.be/grants/translation-grants

Read more: English sample translation of Scorpio

Translation: Brian Doyle


Stille grond


Shortlist Golden Noose 2016



Press quotations

**** Knack

"A powerful and compelling read that earns a spot on your bookshelf." (Jury’s report of The Golden Nose 2016)

**** "With Silent Ground Hilde Vandermeeren  proves to rise high above mere mystery writing." (AD)

**** "The narrative is intriguing and simple, and just like the quiet Scottish setting, it adds to a pleasurable reading experience. A case of less is more." (NRC Handelsblad)

'Excellent, excellent, excellent! I enjoyed every moment!' Josh Pachter, American crime writer and translator

'A fresh and fluently written page-turner.'  http://www.flanderstoday.eu



An oppressive psychological thriller about a dark secret in Scotland

Glasgow 1983. On a stormy November night six-year-old Rosie Thompson disappears without a trace from the bedroom she shares with her twin sister Ruby. Eve, their kid sister, grows up in this broken family.

Thirty years later. Eve lectures mathematics at Glasgow University when her life is suddenly thoroughly disturbed by an anonymous message that was found in a chapel: I’m sorry for what happened to Rosie Thompson. May God forgive me.

The police investigation still leading nowhere, Eve decides to take matters into her own hands, embarking on a life-and-death quest.


Translation Grant

With support for the author from the Flemish Literature Fund: https://www.flandersliterature.be/grants/translation-grants

Read more: English sample translation of Silent ground

Translation: Laura Watkinson


Award winning author Hilde Vandermeeren (1970) has written over 40 books many of which have been translated into several languages. Her first thriller Als alles duister wordt  was awarded the 2013 Knack Hercule Poirot public award. Stille grond  is her third thriller and, being half of an identical twins herself, it is also the most authentic one so far. 


Als alles duister wordt


One evening on a footbridge near an abandoned railway station, 27-year-old Claire Maenhout bumps into a man. She’s in a hurry, trying to catch the last train home and doesn’t pay much attention to the incident. Not until a few days later, when she reads in the papers that a man’s body has been found in the thicket near the station. Witnesses are requested to get in touch with the police. 

Unfortunately young Claire has lost her ability to remember faces, having just recovered from a coma after a serious car accident. But the murderer did see her that evening, and he never forgets a face.


Awards and nominations

Knack Hercule Poirot Public Award 2013 (Prize awarded by the public for the best Flemish thriller novel)

Nomination for the longlist of the Diamond Bullit Award 2013 (award for the best Dutch thriller novel)


Press quotations

**** "The author lifts the story to a higher level and deserves a great compliment! An excellent debut!" www.hebban.nl

"Als alles duister wordt is a well written and meticulously composed thriller debut" John Vervoort, www.cobra.be

"Vandermeeren invented a simple plot and developed it into a great tale." Anita Terpstra, Leeuwarder Courant


De toeschouwers



Marion works as a freelance webdesigner and is a kickboxer in her spare time. Events from the past force her to keep away from people. Her friend Dana goes abroad and puts her 12-year-old daughter Chavi under Marion’s care. The girl attends an elite boarding school in a woody neighbourhood. Very soon however Marian gets the feeling that the place isn’t safe. And then a murder is committed at the school. Will Marion be able to protect Chavi or will she make the same mistake she once made in the past? 


Hilde Vandermeeren dares to venture beyond the concept of the traditional Flemish thriller. No sleuth and his Watson but characters struggling with life and themselves. A story of power, impotence, making choices, crime and punishment. In the end, who’s watching? It might be the reader himself. 

Vandermeeren weaves a nail-biting, original intrigue that will surprise the reader till the very end.

Press quotations

***** An oppressive thriller. (Algemeen Dagblad)

**** Knack Focus : Vandermeeren wrote a crime novel that is relevant but never explicit

Vrij Nederland Detective- en Thrillergids: De toeschouwers is a tightly composed narrative and Vandermeeren firmly pulls the strings right up till the unexpected and tragic climax.