8 november 2021

Review Financial Times

Great review in the Financial Times "Crime writer Hilde Vandermeeren weaves a smart tale, switching between Gaelle, who wakes up in a psychiatric hospital in Berlin, and Michael, a hitman working for the sinister Scorpio organisation who was supposed to murder her. Even assassins sometimes have a heart, but that flash of conscience can exact a high cost, as Michael soon learns."  https://www.ft.com/content


1 november 2021

Nice review by Anne Cater

"This is classic crime at its very best, with a plot that takes the reader on a twisted journey and characters who are both enigmatic and compelling." (by Anne Cater: judge for the CWA Dagger Awards and reviewer for the Daily Express) https://randomthingsthroughmyletterbox.blogspot.com/


22 oktober 2022

Vermelding De Morgen

Artikel in de Morgen: "Thrillerauteur Hilde Vandermeeren vangt lof in Britse pers." https://www.demorgen.be/tv-cultuur


22 oktober 2021

Review Daily Mail

Another great review! "Hilde Vandermeeren, who also happens to be a trained psychologist, has produced a small masterpiece packed with tension, menace and truly original characters. Everything in the story bears the hallmark of first-class writing, from vivid cinematic scenes to gritty plot." https://www.dailymail.co.uk


21 oktober 2021

Review The Times

Great review in The Times: Thrillers of the Month: "This intriguing story by the Flemish crime writer Hilde Vandermeeren is a reminder that there is a whole continent of thrills to discover beyond Scandinavia." https://www.thetimes.co.uk


16 oktober 2021

Focus WTV

Reportage door Focus en WTV over de viering van het ereburgerschap https://www.focus-wtv.be


16 oktober 2021


Dank aan het stadsbestuur Torhout, de gastsprekers en de genodigden voor de mooie viering!


8 oktober 2021

Q & A

"I like writing about secrets." https://pushkinpress.com


Producer Walter Iuzzolino over zijn keuze voor een Engelse vertaling van Scorpio

"I wanted a thriller which would be as compelling as The Twelve, Tabula Rasa,.. all these fantastic tv-shows I had found over the years. And when I encountered The Scorpion's Head, I knew I found my gem." Producer Walter Iuzzolino is vol lof over de Vlaamse tv-fictie en vertelt waarom hij voor The Walter Presents Book Collection voor de vertaling van Scorpio (The Scorpion's Head) koos. https://www.youtube.com


21 september 2021

Ereburgerschap officieel

Op 20 september 2021 werd de voordracht van het ereburgerschap van Torhout officieel goedgekeurd in de gemeenteraad. De viering vindt plaats op 15 oktober, met gastsprekers strafpleiter Walter Damen en regisseur Jan Verheyen. https://torhoutvandaag.be